AWS Cloud Management Services

Do you have a dedicated server with a hosting provider? Do you want to move to AWS so you can easily scale up or down to suit your needs? Are you ready to get started but don’t understand the technicalities involved in setting up a robust and secure AWS cloud hosting environment? We are here to help.

Our AWS certified technicians have in-depth knowledge of AWS services and can assist you 24/7.

Features in Our AWS Cloud Mangement Plans are :

EC2 and RDS Management

EC2 and RDS have become the standard for website owners looking for reliability, security, and power. It can be complicated to setup and optimize these services. Focus on your business and leave the management to us. We will help you navigate the process and get you up and running in no time.

EBS and Snapshots

Taking care of your EBS volumes and the periodic snapshots of the volumes is a crucial component of successful EC2 implementations. We will make sure that you never lose your critical data

Route 53

Perhaps the more challenging parts of setting up web servers can be DNS. Besides standard A, cname, and MX records, today’s email systems require advanced configuration of DKIM, DMARC, and SPF records to thwart email spammers. We will make sure you are compliant with current standards to ensure maximum up time and successful email delivery from your server.

S3 Management

Cloud based block storage is the new norm for data storage. S3 or Simple Storage Service, unlike the name, its not so simple to manage with all the life-cycle policies and permission management. We help you to accomplish all your block storage needs without compromising security.

IAM Management

Once you get started with AWS, there arises a need for multiple users within your organization. Are they getting the right access levels ? Not more and Not Less ? We help to configure IAM according to industry standards and help you comply with the AWS shared responsibility model so your AWS cloud services are always safe and secure.

Security Groups & ACLs

Security Groups & ACL’s are the cornerstone of AWS security. Together they make up a powerful firewall, but only if they are configured properly. We are here to implement these technologies to keep you secure.

CloudWatch Monitoring

CloudWatch Monitoring and Intergrations can be helpful to see what is happening in your environment. It can help you get a quick overview of the status of cloud services, stream logs, and even alert you to very specific events that take place anywhere in your AWS account. We will help you get a handle on your cloud.

AWS Shield & WAF

Are you fed up with Denial of Service attacks and wondering what to do ? Just leave that to us and relax. Our advanced monitoring and security will detect DDoS attacks and stop them before that take your server down. Along with AWS Shield & WAF, we will configure custom scripts via AWS APIs to create a self defending firewall and protect your server against attacks.

Simple Email Service

Amazon SES has emerged as one of the best and most reliable email sending services on the market today. Are you having trouble with email deliverability due to bounces and complaints? SES puts you in the drivers seat with cloudwatch alerts and reputation management features. We will help you get started and put an end to your delivery issues.

Cost Control

We can compile the monthly Audit reports for your organization and show you where your money is being spent across your AWS services. You can see where you are wasting money and get the most out of your cloud investment.

SNS Notifications

Using SNS is a great way to keep your administrators and users notifies of system events and transnational messages from your applications. We can provide guidance and show you how using SNS can enhance your monitoring and notification services.

EC2 OS Support

In addition to the AWS infrastructure, you still have to manage the operating systems running on your EC2 instances. We are Linux administration experts and have years of professional server administration experience. Let us help you optimize your servers to take advantage of the performance offered by the AWS network.

Chose from our flexible AWS Cloud Management Plans

AWSWhy Choose K9 Webops AWS Cloud Management Services ?

Our Engineers are AWS certified and have great experience working on AWS infrastructures.

We track and document all the tasks performed on your services and provide you with a detailed work report on request.

Certified Engineers

Professional level assistance

Migrations to AWS

Migrations are always a pain ! We are there to help. We manage the complete solution to migrate your entire infrastructure to AWS.

Real time monitoring and Alerts

We provide the real-time monitoring and alerts for your servers.

Complete and custom installations.

Once the infrastructure is setup on AWS, professional help on installing custom scripts and services within the OS Layer.

We Offer

24/7 Award Winning Support

Our Engineers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your assistance. You can create a support ticket at any time you need assistance.

Discounts on Yearly Contract

We offer discounts on yearly contracts and longer duration subscriptions.
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