cPanel Migration Service

Are you planning on ditching cPanel or thinking of an alternative ?

K9 Webops can help.  we can migrate your accounts to another control panel. We support Plesk, DirectAdmin and even the Free & Opensource competitors like Virtualmin, Webmin, and CentOS Web Panel.


cPanel Migration Service Features

Control Panel Installation

K9 Webops will do all the heavy lifting for you. We can install and configure the control panel of your choice and migrate all your domains. Our experts will do it right the first time.

Monitoring and Alerts

We will setup monitoring through our website so you can track your system health and get alerts when there is a problem.

Script Installation

Do you have a PHP or bash script on your old server, but don’t know how to install it? We can do that too. We will make sure your scripts are up and running in no time.

24*7 Support

Experience peace of mind knowing that we are here 24 hours a day to help. Our heldesk and ticketing system will ensure that you get the support you need when you need it.

SSL Installations

What about SSL? It can be tricky to move certificates from one server to another. We will make sure that your sites remain secure after they are moved.

DNS Configuration

Perhaps the most challenging part of a control panel migration is managing DNS.  It can be complicated and time consuming to update all of the zone records for a migration. We will take care of that too.  Managing A, Cname, and advanced  DKIM, DMARC, and SPF records are included in the migration.

Website and Mail Migration

Moving email from one server to another is tricky business. K9 Webops will make sure that all of your messages and accounts are moved over to the new server along with any webmail configuration that you use.

Server Optimization

Once the migration is complete we will evaluate the performance of your server so it runs at peak performance . Optimization helps your server run in a more efficient manner, maximizing your server hardware resources. 

Script Troubleshooting

Has a recent upgrade broken one of your scripts? Does your custom scripts behave unexpectedly? Our experts will troubleshoot the problem and get your site back on track.

Free Control Panels

An open-source control panel is a good option to keep costs down. We specialize in Virtualmin. Get all the benefits of cPanel without the monthly cost that goes with it. We have experience with every control panel on the market. 

Regular Updates

Keeping your server and services updated is a must these days.  There are countless bots, rootkits, exploits, and viruses out there reeking havoc on web servers, not to mention humans that want to hijack your systems for profit. Signup for one of our care plans and we will manage your server for you.

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Why Choose K9 Webops cPanel migration service?

All our Engineers are certified and have a wide range of experiences working with multiple server environments. We track and document all the tasks performed on your server and provide you with a detailed work report on request.

Certified Engineers

Professional Industry Experience

Migrations to/from Cloud

Migrations can be complicated! We are here to help. We manage the migration of your entire infrastructure to/from the cloud.


Real time monitoring and Alerts

We provide real-time monitoring and alerts for your servers.

Complete and custom installations.

Are you looking to build software as a service (SaaS)  and don’t know how to proceed? We are here to install, configure, and build services for you. We provide documentation of how it was implemented, in case you need it.

We Offer

24/7 Red Carpet Support

Our Engineers are available 24 hours a day to help you. You can create a support ticket at any time when you require assistance.

Discounts on Annual Contracts

We offer discounts on Annual contracts and longer term subscriptions.
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Let’s Work Together

Let’s migrate your server. To get started or to find out more about what we can do for you, please fill out the form. One of our sales engineers will contact you and help you put together a migration plan.

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