Microsoft made some pretty cool Windows 10 announcements at the Build 2015 happening at San Francisco, with it came latest Windows 10 insider Preview Build 10074. This new build is available to both the Fast and Slow ring of Windows Insiders (The Windows Insider program by Microsoft allows users to sign up for early builds of the Windows operating system.), which also means that ISOs are too available for those who like a clean install. According to the blog post by Microsoft this version of early build comes with lot of subtle changes and improvements, along with some more evolved features. Many of the changes were influenced directly by Windows Insiders feedbacks. One of those changes is the reintroduction of some Aero Glass elements in the UI. Also Microsoft promises to use insider feedback directly to shape how their feature teams operate, and they hope that Windows 10 will be the best version of Windows yet because the public have a direct hand in its creation.One other subtle change is that Microsoft has renamed its “Technical Preview” to “Insider Preview” to reflect the importance of the Windows Insider community in how they’re building Windows 10.

Win 10 PC

Windows 10 PC

And Now Here is a quick look at what’s new:

  • General UX improvements: Adding to the improvements seen in the last build, one will find a new Live Tile animation for Start in addition to some performance and stability improvements for Live Tiles. This build also offers better support for high DPI displays and also correctly scales UX components on multi-monitor setup on monitors with different DPIs.
  • improvements to Continuum: Microsoft is working continuously to make Continuum better and offer a simplified task bar.Now when you close an application in Tablet mode, you will be taken back to the Start screen instead of the desktop as you would expect when using a tablet. You will see general polish on snapping, and the shared divider between two snapped windows which now let’s you adjust the size.
  • Multi-tasking improvements:  The company is now  continuing to refine and complete users mulit-tasking experience with Windows 10. Microsoft tells to “Check out Alt-Tab, Task-View, and Snap Assist. Snap Assist also now supports the ability to close a window during Snap Assist.”
  • New default Windows sounds:  Some fresh system sounds for Windows 10 are added in the fresh build.
  • New experiences and Visual refresh for Cortana: You will see a visual refresh for Cortana in this build that makes the experience feel more ingrained into the overall Windows experience.With this build some new and updated experiences in Cortana powered by Bing Instant Answers have been added. Cortana will now aim to answer your question while you’re still typing.
  • Updates for the Xbox, Music and Video Preview apps : The Music Preview app has some UX improvements including a more immersive Now Playing experience with a true full screen mode. And with the Video Preview app you can download movies, TV shows, and TV seasons and check progress, pause, resume, cancel the download. The Xbox app for Windows 10 has been updated with new features like Game DVR for PC games, screenshots, a Live Tile, user profiles, and real-name sharing.The drivers for Xbox controllers are now included with Windows 10.
  • Discovering features and apps in Windows 10:Microsoft has also introduced tips and tricks on the Lock screen, which  would help users discover high quality apps through Start, the Lock screen and Cortana.

Here are some things fixed in the new build release : 

  • You can now launch Win32 (desktop) apps from the Start menu again.
  • You should be able to download music in the Xbox Music and Music Preview apps.
  • When you minimize an app playing audio, it should continue playing in the background.

Here are some known issues of the build:

  • Developers cannot enable Developer Mode in the Settings app for installing and testing apps on this build. They’ll enable this in an upcoming build. In the meantime, you will need enable your device for development using the Group Policy Editor.
  • There is an issue in this build preventing some games from playing in full screen mode. Microsoft is working to get a fix out via WU as soon as possible.
  • The People app continues to crash. Microsoft is planning to release an update for the People app through the Store Beta that fixes this.

Some of the things that Joe demoed on stage during the Build keynote are not yet included in this build and will be included in future builds. But we can see that there is still a bunch of new stuff for us to check out!