No one of us likes to use a slow PC. We really get frustrated when we have to wait for a long time sitting idle in front of the PC waiting for it to start up, whether be it at home or at office.

Here are some simple ways to make your system faster. Open the start button and click on the Run button.

You can also get this run box by a keyboard shortcut. Win key + R.


When the run box is displayed type “msconfig” in that and press enter ( ignore quotes) .

Then a System Configuration Utility box will pop-up. In that, select the startup tab and uncheck the items that you don’t want during the system startup.

Too much of startup items slows down your system. After disabling unwanted startup items click on Apply button and confirm the changes.


Once that is done, Restart the machine for the changes to take place, and notice the difference in speed  🙂