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cPanel is changing their pricing structure and introducing massive hikes.
Instead of the traditional 15-20$ / server, they are going to have it based on the number of accounts per server.


For a server with upto 30 accounts, it costs you 30$ / month and for servers with > 30 accounts and
less than 100, it would be 45$ per month.

Really, that is a massive price hike and change.

What are the alternatives to cPanel ? What about a free alternative ?

Virtualmin is a great opensource alternative for cPanel.


It has all the basic features you expect from a hosting control panel and besides – its free.

If you want any help on installing Virtualmin on your server, check out this.

Want any help in migrating current accounts from cPanel to Virtualmin ?
Contact us at k9webops and we will be there for you.