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About US

About K9 Webops

K9 Webops is the Cloud Service Management Company you are looking for.

Our Approach to Services offered is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Our Clients.

Our Mission is to provide innovate & cost effective solutions that fit your budget.

Our Awesome Team

Dustin Feldman

Dustin Feldman

CEO & Founder

Dustin Feldman has 28 years of experience in the information technology field. He is passionate about networking and the direction that cloud computing is headed. He started K9 Webops with a mission: Provide innovative & cost effective “on-demand” solutions that fit your budget so we can help you manage your cloud services, LINUX servers, and ensure you can take your cloud to the next level.

Joel Abraham

Joel Abraham

Director of Network Operations, Co-Founder

Joel Abraham is a passionate professional system analyst with expert technical and presentation skills. He has been working in the Linux administration field for over 10 years. He is highly experienced in working with all major Linux distributions. In the past year alone he has earned certifications for: CCNA RHCE VCA-DCV VCA-CLOUD VCA-WM VCP-6 BOOTCAMP.

Arun Suresh Babu

Arun Suresh Babu

Webops Manager, Co Founder

You can call Arun a Nerd/Geek, he doesn’t mind. Yes, he passionate about Technology and Coding. He loves Linux and Cloud Computing. Arun has been closely following the advancements of Serverless Computing. If you require the best in the industry, Arun is your man.

Renjith C Rasalam

Renjith C Rasalam

Creative Graphic Design Artist & Web Designer

Renjith is a Creative Graphic Design Artist | Web Designer and has more than 10 years of professional experience in graphic design and photography. He has the ability to create designs, concepts and sample layouts that will make your information jump off the page and capture your audience’s attention. His knowledge of aesthetic design concepts is second to none. He also has a firm grasp of design techniques, tools and principles involved in production of precision technical plans, blueprints, drawings and models etc.

Our Values & Vision

Our mission is to provide innovative & cost effective “on-demand” solutions that fit your budget.

We find happiness in our client’s satisfaction of our work.
Our Approach to Services We Offer is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Our Clients
Our workmanship is consistent across all our project as we dedicate all our efforts in it.

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